The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros - Watch out for the Wolfpack

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This is actually a better special than the usual ones they do

Lol Ashley M "Nanys cousin" "Piss your pants bitch"

So anyone know why MTV is doing all these challenge retrospectives? Seems random as hell, been doing a lot of tihs flash back stuff since the start of Invasion. WWhats the deal seeing as they never done this before. Also... they need to hurry up and cut a deal with Netflix so I can watch these old seasons again. 

wow fuck this speical nevermind

#1 is the camilanator. how fucking awful.

Nicole was shook.

Oh nice. Instead of just one annoying Camilanator moment, it's a montage of her worst moments.

It's sad how much time has gone by since Cutthroat went by already lol. I remember clearly when it was the new hotness. Abe looks a lot younger even then compared to now. 



wow fuck this speical nevermind#1 is the camilanator. how fucking awful.

You're surprised?

Lol. Enjoying the Camilinator. 


I hope camilas proud every season same crap . And she wont go away or wont change at all .

I bet a lot of casual people watching this thought that Brandon in those Cutthroat clips was Nelson. 

She's so crazy. Lol. Walking into that pool. 

Damn, was hoping for post elim reactions, would have been cool to see them returning to the house after the loss of Bananas.

CM Punk alwyays looks like he hates every second of being there. He never says anything durng these forces table segments lol.

Rooting for my baby daddy bottom Gus tonight❤️

Damn, was hoping for post elim reactions, would have been cool to see them returning to the house after the loss of Bananas.


This is shot so differently. Pretty sure they show up, shoot these eating segments for like 90 minutes. Do a challenge, then go back to their hotels until the next day. PRobably right after the challenge ended they went back to their rooms and went on about their days so no reaction lol

One on one with the pros in this? LOL RIP Champs. 

Finally a throwback challenge that's not from Free Agents. And pre-FM2, too!

Louise confessionals >>>>

Love Ashley's attitude about being captain

Haha CT can still smash the little guys

"I guess this is why they have weight classes in MMA"

Damn, Victor came for wigs tonight.

The champ girls stand no freaking shot. 

CT and CM Punk? I'd like to be tossed by those two guys lmao

My boy CT <3 

Loved what Louise said about him

lolo please come to the challenge and do that again to cara

Lolo is a beast. 

Damn, Lolo is just trucking through these girls.