Bad Girls Club: East Meets West (Season 17)

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I still fuck with Kiyanna tho! I'd never compare her to Queen Jaimee/Jazmyn, but she's easily top 3 for me looool.

Yeah Kiyanna not as iconic as Jaimee and Jaz but still amazing


Lol at how key is actually yalls favorite....

Reunion Preview:



-Kiyanna Vs Seven


-Susan Vs Fran and Kiyanna: Susan ran up on Fran and before they could fight Kiyanna snatched her ass up.


-Key doesn't fight, she came saying she's a cha fed woman and other shit...but she was talking shit.


The girls give their opinion on Shay flip flopping, Kiyanna spilled tea.


Seven Vs Kiyanna





Can someone tell me if she made contact with Kiyanna?

Queen Seven >>>>>>>>>>>

BGC casuals be hilarious maoooo how you mad at Seven b/c Kiyanna keep getting her ass whooped? Make the bitch take some boxing lessons!

I CANT WITH SEVEN LMAOOCan someone tell me if she made contact with Kiyanna?

yeah, didn't phase Kiyanna tho lol..this chick is never shook after her fights even though she take L's LMAO

I don't like Susan, I'm glad she got snatched by Kiyanna after going for Fran. Bitch you had time in the house but went for a damn comb just to make a scene..sit down.

I watched this and susan clocked fran to the couch and kiki snatched her and according to other clips seven fucked kiki up. This reunion is gonna b interesting *in sevens voice*

umm the fights in the reunion that were on the leak are going to be the entire fight, dont u know security breaks fights up in 1 second

what we saw is the entire thing lol

1. Briana. THAT BITCH

2. Kiyana. So funny, real, and phat. Best casting decision. She has a good heart.

3. Fran. She weak but it was fascinating watching her go psycho on Bri

4. Say. I like her more than Fran but she was irrel at the end so.

5. Shay. Despite being irrelevant she's the 2nd best lesbian I've seen after Kandy. So glad she didn't thirst for girls the entire time trying to make everyone gay. That storyline is so played out.

6. Seven. Mentally unstable, and not as lit as she thinks. Follower. "Yes" friend. She never criticized Key in public, only in confessional so it don't count.

7. Key I guess. I barely remember Susan.

Uh, I'm pretty sure Seven did criticize Keyaira in public.

They're so salty! LOL.

"She didn't even swing"


Honestly a great seAson! Excited for reunion

Lol....I truly must've missed the part where this season was good.
Susan did nothing but ruin herself until she was ejected. Seven was ok, but stuck up Keyaira's ass, and her going off on Kiyanna about the drama made no sense.

Francesca was a dumb bitch. Shay was intolerable. SayNothing was non-existant aside from fighting keyaira and getting bitchslapped by KiKi. Brianna I liked, despite thinking I wouldn't...but the house annoyed me, the dynamic between the girls irked me, and I'm glad this shit is over.

*The reunion will probably be a flop, hopefully its 1 part, cause apparently nothing happens.