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I think Tonya and Veronica were'nt friends but they were cool with each other and when Tonya got drunk old feuds returned.
[QUOTE=elkportillo;168992]I think Tonya and Veronica were'nt friends but they were cool with each other and when Tonya got drunk old feuds returned.[/QUOTE] It seemed like they [I]were[/I] friends on the Ruins. I know we don't see everything, but on the show and the dailies it looked like Veronica was genuinely taking care of Tonya. Then, of course, Tonya got drunk and lashed out, and V is never one to back down from a confrontation. We all know how that ended.
I hope Veronica seriously reconsiders doing another challenge in the future. I really want to see her again!!
Veronica comes from the generation when the challenges used to be FUN. Now, it's all about whose screwing over who and whose in an alliance with who. Yea, they used to do that back in Battle of the Seasons, but for the most part, they all had fun. I think things stopped being fun and started focusing on the screwing over people part once Fresh Meat came on. Even during the "mid years" which for me would be Gauntlet 1, Inferno 1, Battle of the Sexes 2, Inferno 2, & Gauntlet 2 people started being more cut throat. Battle of the Sexes 1 was very much a hint of it, but they still had fun missions as opposed to straight out athletic endeavors.
Veronica was shown for a brief second in the trailer for the new reality show "The Real L Word". I wonder if she's gonna have a recurring role or if shes just in one episode or something. Interesting...
I can kind of see Veronica coming back for the last challenge especially if it is Duel 3 or an individual format.
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[QUOTE=Eamoney;168933]Ya because Tonya made herself have those hateful things said to her. She's the one thatwas ******* herself in the room while Rachel, Tina and Veronica were in the room on the Inferno 2. And Tonya was the one putting rocks in her mouth in that melt the ice challenge on Battle Of The Sexes 2. And then to top it off she tried climbing something on the ship on The Ruins and then said, I'm not gonna drink anymore, but yet she ended up getting plastered and acted like a crazy psycho. So Tonya made herself the outcast. I've always supported Team Veronica and I still do to this day. I love u V[/QUOTE] Veronica was harrassing Tonya and following her and doing mean spirited stuff to Tonya on the Inferno 2 and Veronica even admitted that, there is no point trying to defend her actions on the Inferno 2 because she even know she was rude and hateful on that challenge to Tonya. Also Veronica and Tonya were good friends on BOS2 so I dont understand what point your trying to make there.
I think she understood she was mean to her and felt bad and tried to move past in on the ruins but Tonya refused to look past it. Like Katie said "Get over it." Tonya should have let water be under the bridge considering she was getting along with V just fine.
I miss her so much. It's a shame Veronica and Coral ended their Challenge careers on bad notes. Would've loved to see them both go out on top. I really wish Coral and Rachel were on the Champions team with Veronica. 



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it's not like whe're making it obvious IFYWM <3