Real World: New Orleans 2 - Trailer

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Real World: New Orleans 2 - Trailer

The Real World returns to New Orleans - Official Trailer.

LOOKS AMAZING. I really can't wait for this.

I think I will like this season.

Yeah it does loook a lot different than most seasons. So far the people seem a lot more interesting than DC

I really just wish it wasn't named and being advertised as Real World New Orleans. I hope they change that.

It looks great! The cast looks way better in the trailer than they did on the pictures.

Anonymous (not verified)

"Have you ever killed anybody before?" What kind of question is that? I thought Knight was supposed to be the one nobody got along with not, not Leslie.

Loving it!

Cant Wait!!!!!!! My Pre-Season fav is [strike]Jymmie(sp)[/strike] Jemmye!!!!!!!!

I like it. I didn't think I was going to but I do.

[strike]this season is going to be awesum!!

Im Glad Jemmye , Knight , and Ryan were shown the most .

Ashley is the new Josh , Derek , Emilee...[/strike]

This season is going to be awesome!!

I'm glad that Jemmye, Knight and Ryan were shown the most. Ashley looks like she is going to be the next Josh, Derek and Emilee.

The trailer is intenseeee!

Real World 24 looks amazing from the trailer! So far so good MTV & BMP! :D

I'm not getting my hopes up! Nowadays the Challenge and RW trailers always look great and then the season sucks for the most part, IMHO.

Knight seems like he will be my favorite. Also, when he was pushing Ryan towards the end, he looked like a monster, he was jacked.

I think it looks beat, but I will give it a shot.

This looks really promising.

Anonymous (not verified)

Not what I expected, but ok...

If Ryan is really going through intense issues like they made it seem in the trailer than I think his story will be a really interesting one to see. I feel like it seems a bit like Joey from Hollywood and how they portrayed his issues in the trailer.

Anonymous (not verified)

He looked like he was going to crack at any moment.

hhmm..well, someone might have a drinking problem, someone else might get arrested, and some other person will be an outcast...yeah, they have outdone themselves this time. At least no one gets thrown over the railing on the front stairs:)

This is different. This has me interested enough to watch the first episode.

The boy with the long hair gives me the creeps... Looks like it should turn out to be a good season though!

Loved the whole nakedness/falling into the bath tub thing. Glad no one was holding that hair dryer! Ha!

Woooooooow this trailer looks sooooooo awesome!!!

ctluvr159;182255 wrote:

Woooooooow this trailer looks sooooooo awesome!!!

i know right!!

iRealWorld;182257 wrote:

i know right!!

OMG yes!!! Like, the best season since Cancun!!!

CTluvr159;182315 wrote:

OMG yes!!! Like, the best season since Cancun!!!

I personally think the best season since San Diego! :) The cast is amazing.

I say this before every season, but I am legitimately excited for this cast. Much more so than DC by far.

Major upgrade then crapfest DC!!! :D

Looks good, but usually Real World and the challenges always have exciting trailers and then the seasons turn out to be gigantic "snoozefests".


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