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I really need to watch more of the seasons lol. But besides Nola what other houses stood out? 

You can view pictures of them all here:

I liked Philly's house. Bad Blood's house was good too.

I liked Philly's house also. Bad Blood had the best house out of the seasons with twists since they created hidden bedrooms for the new castmembers instead of bringing in twin beds. 

I also loved the Denver house which is what they should've went for with that Winter Break show.

B2Nola of course, I also loved Sydney's. And not a house but I loved Cancun's hotel suite lmfao. It was way fancier than Vegas'

I don’t know if this is the right thread for this but I was searching up Challenge related things on YouTube and I found this. I think this commercial is very cool and interesting.

I think Bad Blood had a very dope house besides those splinter floors. Hollywood's, NOLA2's and Cancun's were great too.

Never saw the season (at least not yet), but I liked the RW Miami house as well.