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One Tree Hill

So I am going to try and get back into One Tree Hill. I watched the first two seasons religously, and since then I have just caught what I could. I know they fast forwarded four years since high school. But there's something I totally missed along the way. What happened to Dan Scott?? I know he was the one that murdered his brother, but did he get caught? Just wondering....

I believe he is in jail. A girl came forward (she witnessed the whole thing). Well first she messed with Dan and kept texting him and taunting him saying that she knew what he did. Lucas found about her and his near death experience with uncle Keith ... clicked and he went after Dan with a gun forcing him to admit that he killed his brother. Of course the whole thing made Karen go into labor and she nearly died. But all is well now. Dan tried to kill himself in jail...tied the sheets together and formed a noose and jumped off the cot. Sheets brook apart and he landed on the floor humiliated and wrought with despair. I LMFAO! I still haven't seen last night's episode.

So monumental <3 just starting season 9 now

Best show evaaa

Iconic television

Nathan>>>>> Lucas.     Haley>Brooke>Peyton

7-8 were good but its not the same without Lucas and Peyton. Although I do Love Millie, Quinn, Julian, and Clay

Seasons 1-4>>>>>

I think 5 is so good two. I would rank  










Man I fucking LOVED this show back in the day. Pretty much watched all 9 seasons when it aired.

Brucus Forever...Only because I feel like Peyton should've stayed with Jake.

Season 3 was my favorite season. The school shooting episode, the cabin episode, the rain episode. Ugh I could go on.

Funny story... I met the guy who plays Clay before his season started and he told me he was the star of oth. I told him he was a liar and we argued for an hour about it. He never once told me it didn’t air yet! Then after it did he emailed me and all he said was Ha told you so. I was mortified. But he was cool and funny  and I didn’t find him all that attractive until it aired and then ofcourse I loved his character

Just finished the series....  I could rewatch tomorrow its so good. Haley and Nathan and Lucas and Nathan are two of the best storylines... When Dan dies I realized that even though he was an ass, he was such an intricle part to the show and he really did care about Nathan and especially his grandkids