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boncat23 wrote:damn. Where's the faith my man?#Lakers #Lakeshow #BBB


Only if it's 2-5

Oh, don't worry. They've already played their best basketball of the season.  It's all downhill from here - or uphill, depending on how you look at it!

this mans don't have the BBB vision... 

if lonzo was smart hed tell his dad to shut the fuck up honestly

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My favorite new website:


My favorite new website: 

I'm partial to the eastern conference standings but that's good too

Now we just need to trade for Tyreke Evans and have Hayward come back. 

Can someone explain me wtf just happened in Cleveland, are they preparing roster for new season where Lebron will stay or he is definitely leaving the club because they just traded 7 players and most of them came this season.

I think it was a desperation move by Cleveland, plus those guys that were traded were not playing up to expectations. I think LeBron is gone in the summer though. 

Boston really won that Kyrie trade lol.

They are still stuck with JR Smith and his 14 mil contract. And wouldn't surprise me that Lebron and Magic had undercover deal in this trade.

Poor Isiah. I really liked him with the Celtics, but it seems he's not the same player outside of Brad Stevens system. 

No way the Lakers resign him, especially since they are near locks on getting Lebron.


Isaiah refuses to come off the bench for the Lakers lol. He’s just a lowkey diva and Boston was able to get the best out of him. 

Lot of respect to Ainge for not extending IT and instead trading him for a much better player.

They will not resign him, and if they get rid of Deng contract, they will be able to sign 2 players on max contract (Lebron and Paul George probably) and still have space to get good center.

lol. This trade deadline has been great

If Lebron goes to the Lakers, and Boston continues to do well with Kyrie, the NBA will be getting its all time rivalry back. 

Kyrie is one really weird dude, lol. 

Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game