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Bacchus wrote:BLADE RUNNER 2049. I'm in love. That out of the way, I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone expecting a $150 million (reported cost) Hollywood blockbuster. This is an arthouse film on a grand scale that clocks in at almost 3 hours.  If you thought the first one was boring, add 40 minutes and slow the pace down...   

Ryan Gosling was an interesting choice for the role, he doesn't seem like an action star to me. Anyways-- I heard it's getting rave reviews.

I don't want to give anything away other than to say this is not an action movie as it was marketed. It is thoughtful, introspective and prodding.  Gosling was actually well cast.    

Interesting looking at the original and seeing the the ads for this one. I googled some reviews but the first thing that popped up was that it's a box office nightmare only getting an estimated $13 million this weekend. 


That was actually for Thursday/Friday...but it does look like it will underperform. It's just not a mainstream movie. 

I do think in 10 years it will be regarded as a sci-fi masterpiece, but tough to say if it even breaks even now.

I can still hear the rousing Hans Zimmer score in my head with touches of Vangelis. It's a powerful movie, but you have to go into it with a patient and absorbing attitude. It's a long ride.


On that note, going to watch John Wick 2 now.... I need some mindless action.

The first Blade Runner was great. I'm definitely excited for 2049.

anyone see Happy Death Day? ahaha it actually wasn't that bad... wasn't scary per say, but the groundhog day mystery was pretty fun to try and work out. I laughed quite a lot more than i jumped but that was definitely the point. The ending twist was pretty good and definitely is worked into the story looking back on it.

I saw it last night. I liked it but think I would have enjoyed it more if the kills were more bloody. Still a pretty good movie though. It was fun

Star Wars 7 gave me anxiety all 3 times I saw it in theaters, I don't know how I'll be able to contain my inner nerd for the new one.

After Rouge One, I'm excited that they're branching out into new stories. It's been rumored forever about an Obi Wan spinoff with Ewan McGregor returning, and Jesus I hope it's true. Obi Wan was my favorite in the prequels.