Maksim: Ousted Celebs Were 'Better Than Marie'

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Maksim: Ousted Celebs Were 'Better Than Marie'

As the clock ticks down to the last dance-off on the Dancing with the Stars finale, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is stepping on the toes of competitor Marie Osmond, saying she may not be on par with the other remaining competitors in tonight’s high-stepping finale.

“Frankly, I think there were a lot of other people better than Marie,” Chmerkovskiy tells Extra, suggesting that the 48-year-old singer was carried into the finale due to public sympathy over the loss of her father and her 16-year-old son’s recent entry into rehab.

“I know firsthand there are a lot of celebrities on the show that went through similar situations [family issues] this season and decided not to make it public,” Chmerkovskiy said.

Meanwhile, Osmond tells Extra her son Michael, who entered a rehabilitation facility in early November for an undisclosed treatment, will be in the audience for the finale, along with his seven siblings. “All my children will be there,” she confirmed.

With the competition in a possible three-way dead heat between Helio Castroneves and partner Julianne Hough and Osmond and her partner Jonathan Roberts, Chmerkovskiy says his partner Mel B’s sex appeal will also play a role in tonight’s two-part finale. “She’s going to be showing a lot of skin,” he revealed. “The most skin the show has ever seen.”

Source: People

I have to agree with Maks here, Marie and Donny are shamelessly using her fame and family as a way of getting media attention to keep the focus on Marie and the fans voting.

(or it could be the huge Osmond lot that is keeping her there....the reunion on Oprah had over 100 family members...imagine the 2nd and 3rd cousins floating around out there)

Marie is a fine entertainer and I've been a fan since I was a tot. But she shouldn't be in the finals. More talented celebrities have been eliminated too soon because of her. Sabrina, Cameron and Jennie just to name three.

The final should have been Sabrina, Melanie and Helio. But when you have an outcome based with the results stemming from fan voting you are going to get upsets like this. The judge's marks should be worth more than the fan votes. Something like a 60/40 split.

Here's what I was trying to say about the judges giving Marie lower scores than anyone has received this month. (But Bacchus deleted the dang thread before I could post) ;)


I think the marks she received were generous, her technical skills warranted lower. They wanted to make sure that Mel and Helio had a fighting chance against Marie's fans!

She just does not have nearly the talent that the other two celebrities have. If I were in the place of the judges I would have done the same.

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