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Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchen Nightmares

I finally sat down and watched Kitchen Nightmares last night. I was quite disappointed. It seems that Fox sucked out all of the charm of the original series as seen on BBC America and has instead gone for flashy.

The addition of a narrator just goes to show that the storyline is so convoluted one is actually necessary. The awarding of materials (such as a new kitchen) is more Extreme Makeover: Home Edition then needs be and that deprecates the spirit of personal cost to the owners during the transformation.

Luckily, this makes one decision easy for me.

I am not saying I won't watch Kitchen Nightmares at all. I am sure there will be a repeat period along the way that will allow me to take a sneak peek and give the show a second chance.

I just doesn't get a coveted spot in "my" fall line-up.

Re: Kitchen Nightmares

I've actually been secretly watching reruns of this on the BBCA. Trying to fill the void between the fall and spring line-ups. Ramsey is so over the top and catching the last few seasons of Hell's Kitchen has given me a bit of renewed interest. ;)

Re: Kitchen Nightmares

Hey I've been watching it on BBC and The Food Network. Don't you think he was a lot kinder in the BBC version?

Also, when is HK4 originally aired? I've been watching Early Saturday mornings on the FN. I would not be able to survive in that atmosphere. I'd have left crying my eyes out after 5 minutes.

Re: Kitchen Nightmares

The BBC version is more real in my opinion. The Fox version is definitely Americanized and he purposefully tries to get a rise (more so) out of the owners than he did back in the UK (i.e. "You French Pig!", etc, etc.) Also, the highly produced feel takes the genuine spirit out of it to some extent.

I think we see more Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsey and less normal Gordon Ramsey (who is still a prick, but a bit milder.)

Actually, even though I'm watching I don't really see the purpose of the American version as he doesn't help anyone (and I've only seen one where they went back for 20 seconds vs. in the UK he always does a surprise visit that lasts at least 5-8 minutes 3-6 months down the road so we can see what happened.) From what I can tell many of the restaurants he has been to in the US have already failed.

If you read here, you can see he has done lots of damage, but little good.

Still, I enjoy him, lol.

Hell's Kitchen 4 was in April of last year.