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My apologies all. I know this can be annoying.


We interrupt your scheduled programming to announce the #NewEra of games is here. In April- we hold our first official season.  Please, take 2 minutes to answer this short Survey, if interested in competing.

You Can't Hide From A Shadow

Psy4potato wrote:

Generic Question for the Generic Thread.....what does 'Stan' mean? I see people posting that about their favs..... so Let's just pretend I'm asking for a friend and I'm not an idiot lol....

A stan is when someone is your fave and you support them ("stan them") through thick and thin. If someone is coming after your faves you come with pitchforks and your fists

Thanks Smile

So I finally understand the Johnny/Cara friendship that has become of recent. She explained it as pretty much how Johnny/CT are. They are vets so they have to band together and respect each other as competitors but he will never be her number one bc she knows that he could still backstab her. I still don't agree with her forgiving him for Bloodlines but that's on her