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My dislike for this team grows by the second.
[QUOTE=molds13;220032]I feel like Tori should have slipped a note to Camila and Camila's three choices should have been "Yes, No, Maybe"[/QUOTE] That would have been the best method, but unfortunately Tori had to throw a *****fit.
I think it's complete BS that they got a married couple on the same freaking team !! Just because he's your husband doesn't mean he can't get voted for, especially when other members of your team says he underperformed in that day's challenge. Brad's a punk *****, pain and simple. Who does Brad and Tori think they are ??
[QUOTE=molds13;220032]I feel like Tori should have slipped a note to Camila and Camila's three choices should have been "Yes, No, Maybe"[/QUOTE] Ha, that would only enforce her immature behavior.
LOL. Tori is down for that man! And TJ you are so awesome for calling Brandon the strongest player on the team. I love Brad and he's a good player, but I feel like he and Tori think they are King and Queen and entitled to be seen as nothing but that.
[QUOTE=TDMEL52;220031]I don't blame Tori, you don't mess with a married couple and get away with it. Remember Holly and Chadwick.[/QUOTE] All she did was vote for Brad, though. And remember Holly and Chadwick came across as too much on Battle of the Seasons, too. I didn't mind Tori addressing it once she heard about Camila voting for Brad, but I didn't like the Tori theatrics.
YES! Johnny speaks against Tori. I loved that clip.
For once I completely agree with Johnny Bananas...
What the hell is going on.... Bananas was spot on. Tori is walking around like she is a queen. She's good because she has numbers.
Hahahah thank you Johnny! I agree with him for once, and I loved how he was up front about it. "I can't stand that *****" hahahah. Poor Camila...
I love how TJ just called out everyone out on the red team. XD Good fight Brad's ego.
Aw, look at Dummy Bear cuddling with his football.
If she was such a good friend Tori, you would have never voted for her.
[QUOTE=fabulous788;220046]For once I completely agree with Johnny Bananas...[/QUOTE] Me 2.
Dang Johnny. How is Brad going to react to seeing that. lol. But I felt the same way about Tori too. I liked that she stood up for Camilla on the first episode but I always saw her as a drama queen and not a likable one. She seems to think she and Brad are sooo entitled.
"You're deaing with people who has done this for years", and yet Paula their mostly losers and thier past speaks for itself
Who is going in on the blue team for the women? I missed it.
[QUOTE=molds13;220050]Aw, look at Dummy Bear cuddling with his football.[/QUOTE] The football he can't throw according to Bananas in the podcast. I don't like him because I feel he's always trying to prove his masculinity.
I feel so bad for Camila. She is so cute ;)
[QUOTE=RW561015;220055]Who is going in on the blue team for the women? I missed it.[/QUOTE] Miss Emily from DC.
[QUOTE=Clarke;220059]Miss Emily from DC.[/QUOTE] Thanks.
I'm actually really looking forward to this gulag, should be interesting.
I am excited to see what Emily can do.
Yeah, she was getting restless and wanted to go in. I feel she's going to do well and come back. I mean come on, she's going on against Melinda. I kinda wish Theresa was going in so she can get her *** handed to her.
I hope she crushes Melinda.
Damn, I expected more of this challenge. SOS..... same ol' sh%$! Weak a#$ Brad who talks one way and acts another. Tori who can't differentiate between personal and game, but holds everyone else to the high standard I am actually looking forward to future voting
[QUOTE=Moonpaw;220064]I hope she crushes Melinda.[/QUOTE] I hope so too!
Handcuffs! Nice twist. Derrick and Emily have this.
I loved Johnny's quote about Tori. I can't stand her.
Why do they have to recycle this one, especially since the cast doesn't have a choice?