The Challenge: Final Reckoning - Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio

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The Challenge: Final Reckoning - Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio

Johnny "Bananas" Devananzio

With the most Challenge wins in history, Bananas hopes to dodge the usual arrows that get fired at the king from all sides. Bananas hasn’t won a season since stealing all the money from his Rivals III partner Sarah – and some might say he’s been cursed.

(The real bio: Go away...)

Team picture


This picture smells 

Still trying to hold onto that youth I see. 

He looks like he's smelling shit

My self-esteem is so low... My thirst for this asshole is so problematic and ugly.

He will be here to ruin the good editing of the season. 




go away

Boooooooooo go home

Glad they're not counting his CvS win in his bio, he isn't even cursed, just past his prime

Let’s play a game where nobody else comments on this thread so his count stays super fucking low. Fuck him.