The Challenge: Vendettas - Victor Arroyo

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The Challenge: Vendettas - Victor Arroyo

Best known for scoring “America’s Favorite Player” during Big Brother 18, Victor is used to getting his hands dirty in order to win. Will his charm and strategic wits be enough for him to coast to a rookie Final? Or will his beef with his Vendetta, Natalie, reignite and find him an early exit with no chance at Redemption?



Guess Dan Gheesling was busy

Hopefully he isn't useless.

This is a terrible pic

one of my favorite BB players ever!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! but that bio is wrong!!! He never once got his hands dirty. He just did whatever paul told him to do lol

Ugh. Take your shirt off.

Looking forward to seeing him on the show Smile

Hottest guy this season for sure

First post update with a more detail bio

I wish he was going on single and not tied down by a dud named Nicole.

He was undoubtedly the most obnoxious new player besides Paul on BB18. No idea why anyone would want to see him on The Challenge nor do I have any idea how this tarzan look alike has fans. 

He's going to be the biggest flop of the season and it hasn't even aired yet.

He is lucky Donny declined.

I like the addition of BB blood. The CBS/Viacom merger (or re-joining) seems to be off, but I could see the utility and having Survivor, TAR, BB and The Challenge all under one roof and a single brand. 

he has the biggest nipples ever lol

would have much rather seen paulie i think he would have been better TV but i liked victor more on BB so hopefully he brings some likeability to the show

My guy! Love El Fit Vic!