The Challenge: Invasion- Darrell Taylor

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The Challenge: Invasion- Darrell Taylor

Darrell is truly a heavy hitter. With four Challenge wins and $243,000 in earnings under his belt, he is second only to the infamous Bananas. This Golden-Glove boxer is getting back in the Challenge ring to take the belt, and the money, home to his family, exclaiming, “There's a lot of pride that comes with this and I’m here to win. I got two kids now and I try to instill in them no fear, and to believe in yourself. I'm doing this for my family.” Not only will his biggest rival, Bananas, be standing in his way of triumph, but some of the best competitors in Challenge history will attempt to thwart him at every turn. Will Darrell be able to bob and weave his way through the competition, or will he find himself on the ropes, punching above his weight?