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Do we want a Vevmo Big Brother? Lmk, I'll host it in August. This one would be all played out here in Vevmo. And simple format of probably just an HoH. No vetoes. 

I know I'm hosting VC14 but I could swing this in August and it would be pretty simple when it comes to the challenges.

id love to do that 

And why ain't you signing up for VC14 smfh.

I want to watch a vevmo game before I play one

I'm gonna go ahead and call dibs on Big Brother, that won't until August tho and will run on Vevmo. 

What happened to Kloun?

Vevmo Big Brother coming soon, it will all play out in here. No Discord required, if interested DM me so I can have an idea of the interest out there for this. It will follow the Big Brother 2 format with a twist here & there along the way but nothing crazy. Won't require much effort challenge wise either, keeping it as simple as I possibly can. Go go go, send me a DM with 3 Big Brother reps. (US & CAN only)

When you thinking Haus? Although may have to sit this one out cause I've never seen US or Can BB and format is totally different from UK, will be interesting though

I don't have a date yet, bb. Possibly in 3 weeks from now? Need to get the current game running to the end first before I can start putting time into this but wanted to start gathering interest. 

Probably a cast of 12-14 is what I have in mind at the moment.