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VC: X-posed - The X-ile House

Welcome to the X-ile House ! 


  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic 
  • This is where eliminated players will live and post ONLY until they have an opportunity to rejoin the game. 
  • X-ile reveal to the cast: Reveal
  • This discord has a private X-ile chat in it: VCX: Discord


In X-ile:

  • Witty
  • Don
  • FairyTai
  • Gucci
  • JohnPhoenix
  • SourSavage
  • Kenny


X-ile Competitions: 

  1. Decoder


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Witty alone in X-ile:


*knock knock* 


You still alive sis? lmaoooooo

I’m alive! Wink


Tonight is Messiness & Mimosas...The Sequel! Make sure you PM your tea!


Yaaasssssssss WE STAN!!! 

These PMs I've gotten so far...


The messiness starts at 10 pm EST. Wink

*reserves room*

Okay guys! Welcome to Messiness & Mimosas: The Sequel! 

The way this works is I post messages that were inboxed to me privately throughout the day.

I won't say who they are from because that is up to you to decide and it makes it more fun.

You're also free to PM your own tea while this takes place should you feel the need to.

Also don't shoot the messenger I'm only posting what I've received!



"Kolle is secretly trying to get rid of Hanna."

"Don is plotting against David..."

"One of the rookies on the season had internet sex with Jamie to get tea on the show..."


"Dewie apparently tried to throw the challenge to get rid of TuesDaze and SourSavage to take a shot at the rookies."

"There's a big ER alliance involving Kenny, Don, Gucci Mane....Alaina, Dscott, and Josh are tied in somehow too."

"Hardbitten has been leaking information about the game to Jamie."

"One of the rookies on the season had internet sex with Jamie to get tea on the show..."



"Don picked Johnpheonix on purpose and threw the mission cause he didnt like him."

"Kenny is planning to throw the challenge to get rid of Bboncat because of Boncat getting them thrown in on VG3."

"It wouldn’t be a Vevmo Game if DScott wasn’t trying to seduce a rookie female. Rumor has it David was already preying on Miss Trees until her family emergency sent her home on a DQ, Miss Deeper Watch out."


"I personally think that Hauserman is fake and I see the way he's playing the game. If I survive this week I plan on gunning for him."

"Hanna doesn't want a showmance with Kenny. She is tallying the votes to get him out NEXT."

"Hauserman has a crush on Ty who likes Hardbitten but he actually has a crush on Ceej."


"Calogero is only pretending to have "twink qualities" to get Ty and Hauserman weak in the knees before he stabs them in the back. He IS NOT to be trusted."

"Kolle plans on playing a silent but deadly game. She is one to watch out for..."

"QR was a better team captain than Buper was."

"The reason Hanna hates Slay is because David gave her more attention. She always had a crush on him but he didn’t like her like that."

"Don is planning to assist Gamer with getting rid of Dscott."

"Ty is sick of Hauserman being possessive and is ready to get rid of him so he can explore new options."

"Deeper doesn't feel like she can actually trust Slay."