The Traitors - Peacock (Season 2)

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Sharon Tharp, a Big Brother journalist who I consider a credible source, says 2 different people have told her Parvati is on.

OMG I have dreamed about Janelle and Parvati being on the same show for years. I need these women to make sure EVERY guy leaves first!!!

One of Parv, Dan or Bananas has to be a traitor right? Kind of a so obvious that it couldn't be true kinda thing. As long as it's not all three

Parvati ?

Minus the Bravo girls, the rest of the girls feel like a Fantasy Challenge USA/CBS 3 that I would create and KVM would bîtçh is unrealistic. 


Veronica would've been good in this too. 

Ayanna as well.

Btw this is the first time we'll see Beth and CT together since the Gauntlet 3 so kinda iconique

Sandra would be amazing 

Casting doesn't even need to watch Survivor just keep working their way through the Heroes Vs. Villains cast. 

When King Bergie gets cast on The Challenge, then what? Smile

sandra is 100% on more names on here potentially in the mix more names on here potentially in the mix

Kandi, Michele, & Chris Underwood are no.

I also heard Angelina from Jersey Shore weeks ago but I was told either got cut or dropped herself.

Of all Survivor men, Chris Underwood should not be in consideration.

And, I'm not saying I want full-on gamebots, but be so fr.

I wish Todd Herzog could do this, but he's never coming back to our screens.

Also there's no rumored Black men?

Survivor has some good picks .... Jeremy, Earl, Wendell, and Danny.

If I could go back and dig some old schoolers up, Sean Rector and Dreamz would be in consideration.


This cast seems very white.

Sandra and Parv don't like eachother so that would be fun and Sandra is always good tv.

This cast seems very white.

Hopefully we get names with some diversity today!

if parvati and janelle are on the same show i will die omg 

Just added Larsa Pippen (The real Housewives of Miami) to the first post


Is she related to Scottie?

Is she related to Scottie?

they were married for a long time (i think about 20 years) but recently got a divorce. 

Larsa goes LOW and she gets PERSONAL and NASTY. such an amazing casting choice. best person on the cast by FAR i ADORE her.

Veronica would've been good in this too. 

Ayanna as well.


Yeah, can the Bravo freaks give us the downlow on those people. @Lavendarveto

okay someone may have already answered this but

larsa has a really quiet voice and she's basically know for flexing her money and being married to scotty pippen, she is in a lot of drama though

lindsay is pretty much the main character of shmmer house, always in drama, and like last week her fiancé dumped her

and tamra was the first housewife to really bring drama to the show, she's a housewife legend

i haven't watched shahs so idk about the other girl

Larsa is the one dating michael jordans son right?

Larsa is not a nice person so this is great. Villian queen 

Idk who all these people are. Idk how you guys watch all these shows, I barely have the attention span for 1.

Larsa is a fun delusional. She told the anesthesiologist on the show that all she does is put people to sleep and that she (Larsa) had real jobs even though all Larsa does is sell jewelry and feet pics on only fans