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Did HvV have an emotional moment like everyone helping Ethan carry his logs on EOE, or Amber sobbing on the final day of EOE in her confessional saying she wants to stay because she will miss the minimalist worry free lifestyle, or Parvati sobbing when she was surprised her NEW BORN BABY on EOE?

Did it have a delicious last minute alliance dismantle the annoying cops alliance + enablers that ruined the season? Aka Natalie and Michele.

Did it have Sophierce?

Did it have a fashion show?

I THINK NOT! Lemme rewatch real quick.

Which season was better Winners At War or Heroes vs. Villains?

HvV but it is also overrated. It is nowhere close to as good as Cagayan and Pearl Islands. HvV after the JT boot it was a straight pagonging besides the Danielle suprise vote off.