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Since he was in a Latino gang does that mean he don't like black people? Keep an eye on how he targets people this season...

This entire show reminds me of a tweet I read the other day about people that are pushing 30 and holding onto trauma from their childhood. That's all everyone on here talks about. "I grew up different from other girls. My Dad and I had matching motorbikes and slept in the back of a pickup truck so"


Same ol shit nothing new nothing different...

Why are people in 2022 risking their vote the first episode for no dam reason.... I'm so sick of this 

Queen Karla is the main character like I knew she would!

I kinda miss the season 42 cast

I don't they were too negative. I do miss Xander and Shan from 41 tho

Best immunity idols of ALL TIME! ALL TIME!!!

Since old man has the idol send rainbow hair girl home I can't take another maryanne

Ugh I hate this old ***** 


did i miss when gabler found the hidden immunity idol... is it true?

did i miss when gabler found the hidden immunity idol... is it true?

His advantage was an idol for 2 votes

What happened to the Asian girls chin

Is the huge argument next episode

Of course they voted out the only black person on their tribe smh

Good a Maryanne wannabe. 

Reality TV shows are so repetitive how many times are we going to see an all girls alliance form and immediately turn on each other the same episode... Like clockwork every single time

Boring preview no big fight like spoilers said. I'm sleep

Ugh they kept this useless Oldman I hate seeing him

Girl this ain't the spoiler thread

So glad I got to sit on the couch watching the whole 2 hour premiere!  Also, from now on I am for the first time in a long while going into this not reading spoilers.  That being said, I do have at least one comment in which Noelle kind of gives off mean girl vibes as in toxic.

Woo gained some weight 

OMG Timster!

I really don't understand why people spoil in the EPISODE DISCUSSION. There is literally a whole spoiler thread for y'all.

Two hours with one vote? That lost my attention very quick. I can't do the self-serving crap Jeff does. He is so awful. TJ needs to replace him. I don't care how long or why they watch Survivor. I just want to see them play. It's a damn tv show, it didn't change your life please shut up.