Real World Seattle: Bad Blood - Sleep Mess in Seattle

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move your comment to the spoiler thread. 

Great idea by MTV for realeasing the episode, give another reason for people not to watch the show live lol, like ratings are already dreadful

Just got around to watching the ep and I am so hype for this season!

Tya was being ridiculous and needy. The group shouldn't have to tell her they're leaving/going downstairs/whatever. If they're doing something else, do yo own thing!! You don't need the other **** to have a good time. But they way she was acting made her lose pooints in my book. That whole ordeal w***o unneccesary. Although I peeped shades of Katrina being a bad *** ***** during their fight and in the preview and for next week and she has potential for stanning. Anways Mike is still blegh and his storyline with Jordan is even worse. She's so boring. I ***** with Theo. He reminds of my brothers. I don't know how I feel about Robbie or Anika. I was dying tho when Anika said, "Bisquick, girl. Bisquick" The only bad bloods I like are Queens Kim and Jenn. Kim has Tya so shook and she's already forming a squad #TEAMKIM and I can't wait for Jenn to be the star of the show and make this season her *****. I'm not really feeling K*** or Peter. Anna is fake af. Lana and Will are so ******* lame like next. I'm living with Tya trying to **** up Peter. He needed to know his role in that situation but he got her *** with that "where's your accent" line.

This season is gonna be so good.

Also is it just me or does Anna look a little bit like Erica from RW:DC?


Kim seems like your typical high school bully. Makes someone's life miserable and then magically has no idea why that person is still pressed years later. That being said, Tya's a trainwreck and I wouldn't be surprised if she embellished a lot of what happened in her head. Jordan's highkey passive aggressive and doesn't seem very bright. I can't recall her bad blood's name, and I don't care about their drama. Katrina's okay. The sound of her sister's voice is almost as annoying as the sound of Mike's. I can't really get a grasp on Peter, but he earned points for dropping that line about Tya's accent so casually in their argument. So far, the only guy that interests me is Theo. He hasn't made a bad impression yet. Everything he says is gold, and he seems to have a really good head on his shoulders. I hope he sticks around for The Challenge. His beef with Kass is interesting, but if they keep going back and forth with no progress, their storyline will get stale really quick. Anika had me at Bisquick. Mozzarella's ex seems funny. The others don't matter. 

I love Theo. "then do something sir"