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YvanEhtNioj wrote:

shboogies wrote:Can someone explain why they would bring a cast member from AYTO to Real World? How is that fair to other hopefuls?

It's not but they're gonna pick who they want. They're trying to make Mike a MTV Golden Child

I dont know if I can deal with that ugly *** face on the challenges let alone this season of the real world

I'm hoping this makes him an outcast from both shows.

am i the only one who thinks Anika and Will look super awkward in their photo. everyone else looks good imo. 

Nostalgic wrote:

Challenge 17 wrote:

JEKFAN wrote:Sooo... this season's theme is the same as skeletons...? LOL geeze real world is pathetic now.

no, skeletons had more serious darker topics like drug addiction, family abandonment, and  inner demons.

here you go with that shit again. They touched on the drug addiction what? ******* twice and nobody cared for her ******* both times. family abandoment? when? inner demons? where?

Jason's estranged Dad for family abandonment,  as I've said plenty of times before Nicole's and hell even Violetta's skeletons both represent inner demons and fears they had. 

old comment but i think violetta was more established in that than Nicole lol. 

Whoever is in charge of making the bios needs to get fired asap, the person made all this stories looks interesting and made me think it was going to be the craziest season yet....

schaboszczak wrote:

they need to drop those poses with cue. For a second I thought Kim and Tya are standing with brooms


this is still my favorite post and favorite reaction ever on this site.  @schab @witty