Mark Long’s Old School Challenge

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Veronica, Trishelle, Tina, Rachel, Paula, Katie, Evelyn, Coral

Timmy, Landon, Derrick K, Darrell, Cohutta, Brad, Abe, Ace

amazing cast

Beth really is disliked by a lot of the cast, would this be a factor if people like V, Coral, Tina etc said they would have second thoughts about appearing if she was on??

Coral and Beth are the top 2 girls to get to do this. Without them, this won't be a real OG season. OG stands for original gangster and not Mark's friend.

They should've cast Alex instead of Morgan.....


they just need to do the standard cast coming in like they did for champs vs stars 1 .. and then when everyone thinks everyone is there, beth makes a last minute appearance lol