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Ugh I just know the girls are gonna vote out Bria, she NEEDS TO STAY. I don't even remember that blonde girls name

Timmy needs to stay too

I always forget that Courtney is on this show

Timmy needs to stay too

If Timmy goes, season cancelled 

Oh no Timmy in danger of going home?  Although I wouldn't mind the originals being sent home for once. Last season they all stuck together and that's how boring Olivia won. Even when she clearly wasn't into any of the guys. It was maddening whenever they would give their reasons for sending people home like "I don't see them connecting with anyone here". I was like "hello! Neither is Olivia but she gets to stay?"

I'm so tired of these constant recouplings and dumpings. Like it doesn't make sense they did another recoupling 1 day after when Niijya, Kat, & Jared arrived. 

Lol Chazz is a bit messy.. His speech when he chose Kat had everyone thought he gonna chose Serenity. Kinda messed up though

Chazz gotta go.