Ex on the beach USA - (Season 3)

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This season would have 100% be way more entertaining if the Frida Sofia girl and her ex the Christian guy that did the bachelorette were cast on this over Aubrey, the twins, Shannon, Billy and Geles. If that didnt fall through we would have got one of the messiest ex on he beach storylines ever.

Betwen Him cheating on her with her famous mom in the latin community then getting Frida pregnant on purpose according to her because he wanted to secure the bag & wanting fame. Then she getting an abortion behind his back. Then all this girls that are now exposing him being a fuckboy and user after he is using a girl on some reality show in Mexico. Like 4 girls came forward saying he scam them out of money and stole jewelry from them. One even say that while she was in another country working he brought one of the other 3 girls to her apartment and fuck her in her bed without her consent he got copy of her apartment keys. 

Seeing all that play on this season would have been epic. Plus, Frida doesnt seem like the most stable person I would bet money she would lose her mom under the environment of a reality show and he can be a hot head judging by the fa t he got kicked from Bachelor in Paradose over a fight.