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I've been enjoying Aubrey on the show. I think she's the funniest one there in confessionals. Kenya is good too, if sometimes OTT. I like Marie but she hasn't been shown much.

She wasnt worth the money she was paid anyone else would have fill up that role. There are better cheaper options that would have deliver more entertainment than her putting her nose in everyone else relationships/business and being fake to everyone. 

Kenya said on live that certain people were scared being on the same room as others for the reunion so the entire time on backstage they were separated so I am guessing the twincest and Aubrey were together since I saw snaps of them together backstage. Mark/Kenya/Marie were together since I saw snaps of them backstage.

Without Marie this show would possibly be the most boring show MTV has ever produced. Her & Kenya are literally CARRYING the show on their own. Aubrey was a terrible casting decision IMO, as all she's provided is awkward moments. 


They should've shown Marie & Kenya pulling a Bootz/Buckey & hiding Allie's roses *******

Lol at King Cameron having the whole house pressed >>>>>>>>

**** Devin !!!

The only thing Cameron is a king of is fools.

If anything, Devin and Mark Jansen had Cameron  pressed to the point where that little boy was acting like he was going to fight them.


That being said, although what he did was a lot worse, I can understand Cameron's frustrations with Mechie's implied *********** going unmentioned by the house after getting put on blast himself.


Edit: Apparently sc*mbagge*y is a nono word on this site

why does it seem like Jay is last? Smh.

"SHUT THE **** UP, SHANNON!" LolLolLol

Marie, Kenya & Cam are carrying this season. That money was definitely wasted on Aubrey and especially those twins.....3 girl spots that could've went to some Bad Girls, Bria, Millionaire Mitchell, etc..

Kellie & her body >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Even with an storyline shannon is boring. She is one of those people that despite  fucking 3 guys and having beef with someone she doesnt stand out. Her, Anthony and Alexis doesnt have the personality to be on a reality show.


Shannon trying to talk to Marie after that Lol :))) 

I’m just here to find out what gamer is talking about on twitter tbh. 

So just watched last night:

1. Why is Marie stressing Devin? He has a horrible personality and based on looks he has nothing on her exes Robb/Jason/Anthony B are way way better looking that his dusty dirty looking self. So girl get it together.

2. What's Kellie even show this episode? Beautiful girl but has been a ghost. 

3. Anthony B and Tevin are by far the most likable guys imo. They both seem to genuinely care for Marie and Kenya. Anthony seems to be a good friend to her. Neither are entertaining but it's good to have guys like this with some many fuckboys.

4. All the exes except for Marie, Jason so far and Coffey have been a let down.

5. According to Billy Jason had a big heat up argument with him and Devin bug once again they edited out.

Devin lost some bear belly and thinks he’s attractive now lmaoo. Boy the face and your total frat move personality haven’t changed 


Noice body but face is pretty basic. Cute tho.

Did not know Marie was that into Devin. I feel for her but at the same time Devin is such a scrubbbbbb compared to her. 


All of Marie's exes are way better looking than Devin, why is she that desperate for his attention. 

I don’t know why Marie isn’t going for Anthony he and Tevin are the only ones who seem to care about her the rest are just there doing nothing 

"Jason is hot"

I know. I KNOW.

why do I like Mark and Coffey together more than them with Aubrey?

I thought they looked cute walking back in the house holding hands Biggrin

Both are way to fresh faced and normal for ol busted up Aubrey.

If Devin trimmed up and actually looked like he bathe then I could fix my lips to even say he’s attractive. I think guys like him can only be attractive in your head until you actually look at them.

However, this season is pretty boring and not to mention I feel like it’s dragging. No way there should ever be an episode were we don’t get an ex.  

The other Legend Kenya! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kenya ************* snapped>>>> I actually have been enjoying Aubrey because she's funny but she cancelled and I'm glad Mark dumped her lmaoo

Also Coffey>>>>>>>

Danielle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mechie pulls some baddies lol Kellie & Danielle are two of the most gorgeous Exes to be on the show.

Coffey is way to hot to be getting played by that ugly troll

Shows over :) 

I dead *** hope we never see Devon intolerable *** on tv again. 

This shit keeps getting worse! Danielle is a cute girl and seems aware but other that I expected more. 

Marie was kinda getting on my nerves with the Devin mess so I wasn’t crying that she left. I think it was honestly best for her mental health. 

Other than that we can wrap this shit up because they’re all getting annoying and this is a first for myself lmaooo