The Challenge: War of The Worlds II - Theo Campbell

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Beautiful woman hate will not be tolerated.

Is theo missing both eyes? He's clearly blind by how vaccination works. 

Ba dum ching. I'll see myself out. 

Good one.

where is this *hunter is a good runner* thing coming from. I genuinely dont remember him showing instances of it 

they're just referring to sprints which really doesn't matter if you're .05 second faster than someone at the 40m unless it's a track race or like a speed Elim like Hunter vs Leroy lol

Hunter is the worst overall runner and it's not close 

The GOAT MTV missed out on.

Exact reason why they wouldn't approved him...They make them swim on that nasty *** water

Greatest rookie debut in years. He is needed back.

Ridiculous he isn't back. This guy would have won already.. maybe more than once.

When he wanted to come back even though his eye hadn't healed yet lol

hes a walking liablity. i do miss him on the show tho lol

The Challenge is so toxic....

When he wanted to come back even though his eye hadn't healed yet lol

His eye isn't 100% healed yet atleast that's what he tells ppl on Ig

Just found out he was on Ex on the Beach UK earlier this year

It does suck for him since he would absolutely be the face of the show had he not gotten injured. Only one of Rogan dee Georgia bear Jenny who would have got calls 

Was destined to be a GOAT.