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Tocantins was one of the first seasons I watched and I loved it. I also loved Sierra and I felt really bad for her. I hated JT and I didn't like Erin or the old lady very much. I loved taj too

Which old lady? Sandy or Debbie?

I liked sandy but I hated debbie

Queen Sandy was robbed. I liked Debbie but her comibg for Sierra wasn't a good vibe. 

This elimination is so boring

Wait no actually I kind of like the elimination

Queen Justine is 2-0!



I haven't check this since episode 2. It has been good or it already got stale/repetitive?

I'm a fan of the cast so I like it but tbh it's boring and stale. They literally don't show any club scenes, any fun, mess, or drama. They pick the new partners, do the daily, strategize for 3 minutes, and do the elimination. 

I think my biggest issue with the challenge now days it's that it's way to repetitive not just the formula of the show but the edits of the episodes lol It's literally the same thing every episode especially when they start cutting dramatic storylines because it's too trashy. Instead give us almost an entire episode of dailies and eliminations.

It's only fresh due to the new faces instead of the same tired faces on the flagship show. They don't really explore new dynamics, and episodes really dont have meat outside of that formula the mentioned earlier.