The Challenge: USA - Desi Williams

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ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED! She deserve another chance 

D/qed 5 minutes in with a temporary partner that refused to finish swimming with a life vest. 

Does this take Cirie's crown for most robbed elimination in reality tv competition show history? Is Angela's worse? I don't know what to think anymore. Anyways she wouldn't have won cause she sucked at puzzles but she would've given it her all for sure. 

nah, Desis is much worse. Angela had quit a leg of it, she just wasnt aware of the consequence (that production made up on the fly I'm sure.) Desi had never quit, Enzo quit and they didnt let her do it individually instead. She basically only got to swim a few strokes before Enzo took her out the game.



Enzo is such a loser.

Biggest robbery ever? I think so *sigh* 

Alas, Enzo did not take Desi’s advice, and quit instead, swimming toward and then climbing aboard a camera boat. Desi wanted to finish the swim anyway.

“This was actually kind of a tricky incident that happened,” she told me. Host “T.J. [Lavin] did explain when we started the game: If your partner quits, you quit. So when Enzo was quitting, I actively felt in my soul, Okay, this is the end of my game.”


“But then as Enzo was getting on the boat, they kind of summoned me to the boat as well. I asked the producer, Just for my own personal dignity, can I just swim to shore? And I’ll meet you guys there, just so I can feel like I did something in this final?”

“The producer, at the time said to me, No, come get in the boat and rest. This is only one leg of the final; there’s still four more legs—kind of contradicting what T.J. had said. So in that moment, I thought, Oh, I’m still in the game! Things are great again. Then we got to shore, and that’s the clip they show where I’m bawling.”


they are soooo wrong for that. I really think they did that just to get more footage of her crying

she shouldn't have let danny overrun her and her alliance on a GIRLS day. She should've told Danny that having 5 girls protecting you is better than 1 (just Angela if Sarah beat Alyssa). It was a very dumb move

I'm still salty as **** with this version