The challenge: Total Madness - Bayleigh Dayton

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as long of Bayleigh continues to look how she looks she can do no wrong in my eyes. 

I didn't know you liked melanin women like that. Who else gets you hard?

 Bayleigh, Janelle, Kam, Coral at a certain point had a lot of sex appeal to me, that didn't last long tho

but Jamie Chung, Bayleigh, and Cara Z are my top 3 ever to be on the challenge 

If you're my friend and you unfollow me you are no longer apart of my life! Mute me if you hate my content so bad!

muting and unfollowing have the same amount of steps! if i have to go out of my way to mute you there's literally no difference from me unfollowing but I also dont value social media that much.

but that wasn't my point anyways, I was really saying it doesnt have to be big or even serious situation because of an unfollow.

Hmm, normally I would be team Bayleigh but IDK with this one. Davonne's history is more publicized but Bayleigh has lowkey fallen out with quite a few people too. Plus, whereas I used to side eye Day real hard (back when everyone was riding her ****), she seems to have turned over a new leaf now that she went to therapy.

This nonsense probably has to do something with Swaggy and his bullshit, with Bayleigh feeling like she had to defend him.

when did she go to therapy and work for? Anger management?

Hating her tremendously today.