The Challenge: Spies , Lies and Allies - Corey Lay

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He's the main example of reality TV getting in people's head; like you go to his Instagram and it seems like that's the only that exist he has a colection of photos with every reality tv people you can name: Aneesa, Zanatta, Tony, Kyland, Kendall.... but no real life people,  there's even a Sophia Pasquis photo and one with the Survivor MvsGenX first boot like come on

Nothing wrong with that? Some people like to keep their lives private, maybe he uses it for rtv purposes. I still dislike him tho.

You dont have to scroll much to find his before challenge photos and has a lot with real life people

idk maybe your rigtht and I'm just proyecting because I dislike him, but I get a weird tryhard energy from him like he wants to base his life around having been on realityTV, trying to build a name, like how he's on everyones post commenting and things like that,




Time to update LinkedIn.

Time to go back to Christmas shows!!

lolpwnt, that's what you get boo. Bye! Don't come back to the show.