The Challenge: CT Tamburello Files for Divorce From Wife Lilianet Solares

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CT's partner would need to be Shauvon.

Took the words outta my mouth lol.  But maybe prove herself a little bit more in All Stars 5 before making the leap.  And my favorite Sydney female was her but she had terrible taste in men since she left to go back to her abusive boyfriend David.  Does that make her comparable to Cara Maria due to her hooking up with Abram and Paulie which I have yet to see a season with him and her together.

I was so impressed that Cosmic gave a short and straight to the point reply and I come back this morning to see he edited to add so much extra to that last post lol.

***** I thought I had casted you away into a black hole earlier this year. Tf? 

LOL ily 

Seems like CT's ex girlfriend that appeared during the filming of RW Paris may have been best for her since he even was a bit loud and abrasive towards her.  After reading Wikipedia, I finally know her name is Jamie.  For some reason, I thought it was Julie.