The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines- Abram and Michael Boise

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And y'all worried about Jenna & Zach

And y'all worried about Zach

You don't think something really bad gonna come out of that? Just sit and wait on it. 

And y'all worried about Jenna & Zach

to be fair theyre more "on the grid". no one talks about abe and his relationship because his girl isnt even from MTV lol.

****** up and disappointing 

And y'all worried about Jenna & Zach

You can be worried about both, it's not like you can only choose only one time to be concerned.

People clearly ignored the warning signs with Abe because anyone who watched the show could see he was not all there mentally.

Anyone who watches the way Zach berates women on the show and act like he's rehabilitated now that he and Jenna are married when we've seen no proof of personal growth has no room to call people out for being concerned 

And y'all worried about Jenna & Zach

Just because someone else is an idiot doesn't mean Zach/Jenna aren't a dysfuctional relationalship