The Challenge: All Stars - Season 3 (Spoilers Discussion)

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Lavender you are out of the clique.

what did I do lol?

Mark, Nehemiah, & Derrick? What impact did they have besides making it inauthentic and unwatchable?

Mark had a huge impact and he's not unwatchable.  Derrick and Nehemiah are but Mark, while slightly annoying, adds to the show and is why we have the show. 

Seeing Mark on All Stars makes me wish he didn't "retire" after season 21 but he also is a john ally and he had too many as the shows went on anyway.  I was always curious as to why he wasnt on more seasons before that anyway.

  1.  Mark Long.  Without him, there would be no "All Stars.
  2. Jonna Stephens (Mannion)  Credit to her for winning back to back seasons after starting a family.  She was a terrible competitor in previous Challenge seasons before All Stars.  
  3. KellyAnne Judd.  Despite the entire "Tree House" being against her, she competed in the finals against younger competitors
  4. Veronica Portillo.  Credit to her for bringing true OG cred.  Not one of my favorite cast members, however.
  5. MJ. Garrett  Kept his cool despite being continuously thrown in by Brad.