The Challenge: All Stars 3 - Nia Moore

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Timothy must be stopped

You a flip floppa

team Angie all day 

Angie lied, ***** how'd ah lie?


I thought "her big as s would die in the final" but she did great. I'd love to see her again.

Underdog challenger story of the year. Evolved Nia was a delight to witness. She's redeemed herself so much, on multiple levels.

Similar to Jonna, she shines through once her hillbilly, closet racist-ass, country barnboy from the slums of Oklahoma, Jordan, leaves the show.

Came around on her, wow. A lot of respect for this queen, it's still **** Jordan tho.

I did not think she would do so well in the final but she really showed out. This was a good redemption arc for her. And I busted out laughing at how she was looking at Kailah when she was crying on the beach lol. I would like to see her again

She has potential and I also liked her non Jordan scenes of her just being real and showing support to Jonna and Kellyanne. I'd like to see her again but stronger mentally