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Yeah Kamie is a terrible host she is beautiful to look at though

Also Mijntje's body is BADD like wow I hope she becomes a main character

What day of the week does this come out? 

What day of the week does this come out? 


this season is good so far. jordanne is the prettiest

Leo is a ******* weirdo....

The cast look wayyy better in motion, like beautiful actually.

The premiere was amazing I love this group! Anyone else think Courtney looks like Sarah Paulson like I canmt stop seeing it lmaoo

I agree! The cast looks so much attractive in motion than their cast photos especially on the men side

All these women look like someone to me lmao

Courtney = Sarah Paulson

Julia Ruth = If Yandy (LHH) and Kendra (BGC) had a baby 

Danielle = Sevyn Streeter

Brooke = If Jenna (challenge) and Olivia (challenge) had a baby 

Sidenote: Leo looks like the guy from the movie Superstar who tried to strip at the talent show. 

I need to add a couple more to this list lol

Minty = Megan Mckenna

Taylor = Oliver Platt.

Who's everyones future Challenge picks or predictions?

Leo, Will, Taylor, Julia Ruth

I'd say a lot of them have potential to be cast. Aqel, Brendan, Leo, Will, Julia-Ruth, Taylor, CC, Mjinjte.. this is a good cast. 

Assuming Mtv casts them I'd say Will and CC. I also want Jordanne but she hasn't given much yet so we'll see

Aqel seems like one of the biggest guys there, but I wonder if his leg braces would prevent him from competing