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Still shook tbh. They really played Tara, Henry, Enid, And Tammy!! Plus I was starting to live the highway men!!! Ughhh.  Carol really has lost four kids :'(

Yeah I thought they were dumb at first but Ozzy & Dj this episode were pretty bad ***. Them coming in to save everyone at the end was awesome, even if they died.


Loving the new additions too. Daryl & Connie duo >>>>

Yeah I'm finally starting to warm back up to Daryl. 

And Connie, Yumiko, Luke, Magna, Judith and even the whisperer trio of Alpha, Lydia & Beta were all good additions, with so many regulars leaving this season I expect them to take on bigger roles too

Goodbye Henry (better knowns as discount Carl), it is time to unleash psycho Carol and Negan. Also good work from Angela Kang for doing good job and fixing the show after Scott Gimple almost destroyed it.

Also I love how they are making Dixon family (Darly, Connie, Lydia and Dog) considering almost all Grimes will be gone next season.

People still watch this show?!

i dont see posts about this show all over facebook anymore, tbh i didn't know it was even airing

People still watch this show?!

Not as invested but yea sometimes. 

Angela Kang was the best thing that happened to this show. 

Just started season 9 and I REALLY need to rant so SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!! I didn't think I'd make it to season 9...not gonna lie season 7 and 8 sucked the life of of me.... There were plenty of episodes where I thought it was SO boring and I wanted to quit so bad... But I had invested myself. The show will never hold the same appeal to me without gleyann and coral. Like we watched them grow... And I seriously CRY anytime they are brought up.... Im over this show... Its so Zzz and I'm not sure why.