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[QUOTE=V1man;349334]And the competing shows were: 10 PM cable shows Real World: Portland 1.052M .6 Duck Dynasty 2.246M .8 Necessary Roughness 2.610 .6 America Dad 1.854M .8 Restaurant Stakeout 1.313M .4 Paranormal Witness 1.181M .4 Castle 1.410M .4 Operation Repo 1.094M .4 House Hunters 1.760M .6 Big Bang Theory 3.097M 1.4 Ouch![/QUOTE] I also posted the above on facebook and received a few interesting comments from former reality TV peeps... among them was a reply from Katie Doyle (Road Rules & the Challenges) While first she replies to someone who trashes House Hunters, she then has a few things to say about the producers and how much things have changed. I hope she does not mind me sharing it here. [QUOTE][B][COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Katie Doyle[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B] I love House Hunters!! My favorite part is the "ding ****" part where you can see what they did with the place. I can't speak for RW because I was not on that show, but for my experience on RR...during my season in 2001, there was very little fighting and only 2 people even made out (and denied it). We collectively had a goal to win missions and genuinely liked each other. As Kat said, reality TV saturates the networks. I think BMP lost sight of what is entertaining and they focus consistently on the fighting. There is no longer a story line or very little personal growth. It's about the fighting. The stupid fight from the challenge that I am most remembered for is the very thing I am most ashamed of from being on those shows. I know Veronica feels the same way. That was in 2003 and it's on YouTube forever. Not fun when applying for a job or your boyfriends Mom is curious about you and decides to do a Google search. New cast members are so typecast it's ridiculous. I personally think all the shows have run their course. Challenges used to be SO much fun in the early 2000's. We all wanted to stay and tried to win and you certainly didn't want to go home! Although the premise hasn't changed, production and casting have. Now, I know several people who only go for the initial paycheck and WANT to get voted in or try to lose on purpose to go home. Newer cast members associate the show with fighting and backstabbing; you're now allowed to get physical and they go for that reason. Before, we used to really try to be friends, laugh about shared experiences, make new friends and compete. Had silly dance parties, played games and could even read a book.'s cliquish and completely focused on betrayal, sabotage and deceit. Arguments are inevitable, but they weren't so prevalent back then. And it messes with your head if you do it too long (like me)...being rewarded for bad behavior is not normal. I have talked to a few people on Rivals 2, who said it was just a miserable experience. Game over, at least for me. [/QUOTE] And she later added this: [QUOTE]Yea, parts of me want to tell new kids, "be careful...this DOES follow you" and not in a fun fame way. It can absolutely be a challenge in getting a job because you are not taken seriously and they question your work ethic. You can't screw your best friend over on TV and then look like you will be a "team player" in a career. The appearances, calendars and opportunities are short lived and it is not something they should rely on financially or even to dictate their relevance in life. The shows should not define who you are. It took me years to figure that out. And I know now, the new kids don't get HALF the opportunities we used to get a decade ago. Reality TV is saturated so there are not really any shows that stick out-specifically a show that has been on for 20 years. We slowly got the boot when Laguna Beach came out, then The Hills...Jersey Shore...etc. MTV does not promote at all because they don't even care. Since I quit doing the show, I have gained real life work experience, about to obtain my Bachelor degree and my personal relationships have gotten dramatically better. I was so accustomed to being like "that's me, this is how I am. Deal with it. You don't like me? Well, ****'re an *******." That attitude is not worthy of a productive, happy life. Part of it is my personality to be feisty and slightly confrontational, but I am much nicer than ever shown on any show. So, I became convinced that I really am the "take-no-****-*****" and it transcended into my real life. I was self absorbed and narcissistic. Most newer cast members still are. Their identity is greatly attached to the show; just look at their Twitter names or descriptions of themselves on social media. I have no regrets, but I wish I just did a Challenge or two and called it a day. Fortunately for the new kids, they likely won't have the option because the show is on its way out. Years from now, they will be grateful.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for posting, this was interesting. I love Katie. I've always liked her because she's honest and genuine. I'm glad to see she's grown up though and she made a lot of good points. I defend BMP sometimes because from their perspective it's prob hard, they're trying to gain new fans and help the show evolve but at the same time they're loosing old fans. I definitely agree about the older cast getting better opportunities. That's something I've noticed. The new cast members don't get even half of the opportunities the older cast used to get, which in some ways makes going on the show kind of redundant now but idk. I hope they can figure out which direction they want the show to go in cause as of now it's not looking good.
[QUOTE=JL81790;349390] I didn't realize that being on 9 episodes of show that got terrible ratings made one a celebrity.[/QUOTE] It doesn't matter
Wow Katie really hit the nail on the head on so many things. How the challenges used to be and how they are now and how she's changed and grown...It's great that she's moved on is doing well. I wish her the best. To be honest..I think The Real World should just end at this point. If all that drama and chaos didn't save this show then I don't think anything will. I think they should just stop at season 30. And do a couple more challenges and just call it a day..I mean It's obvious MTV Doesn't care about these shows and their not doing all that well in ratings so why keep it around? it had a good run and made it's mark but maybe it's time to bow out Gracefully.