The Real World: Portland - The A-Nia-lation Proclamation

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I like nia, I really do. More than Frank by far, but its like... you can only blame editing for so long.
[QUOTE=RealCynic;344462]Its crazy how.many people I see on Youtube defending Nia's actions because she's a minority and a woman. [/QUOTE] THIS!!!! Sadly this is the main reason that I am not liking Marlon as much as I did in the begining. He's still likable but the way he continues to stick up for Nia on Twitter, especially when he said he now saw how everything went down, is just plain dumb. I get that you don't abandon for your friends for stupid mistakes but nothing about Nia is genuine. In general - man what a difference a few episodes make. Couldn't stand Ana at first but the way she handled everything this past episode and was able put her bad experiences with Jordan behind her showed a lot of maturity. Jessica - at first I thought her little southern belle charm was cute but now she just comes off as grating, immature, overdramatic and self centered. Jordan - really turned the corner on him. I can still see how everyone gets annoyed by his loud, obnoxious, drunkeness - I don;t like those types either. But his whole fight with Nia - who is SOOOOO unlikable it makes him a bit more likable - and him being able to own up to his mistakes and opening up to Ana showed some self reflection and maturity. Johnny and Avery - like them but their little fights are annoying but its a new relationship and they're figuring out their limits with each other so its forgivable. Avery is gorgeous. The way Johnny spouts off Pauly D catchphrases is obnoxious. Nia - unlikable from the get go. Don't see any redeeming qualities here. Whether she is putting on a show for the cameras or this is really who she is - uggh, just go away. Seems like with Joy (whoever the cast member who left was, thats how memorable she was) leaving BMP was really in a bind and said "Quick get that Bad Girls Club (where she would not last) reject on the phone!" Love how loose BMP plays with the 'physical altercation' rules now. If Jordan had been provoking Nia and put his hands on her like she did him, he would've been sent home packing ASAP. I know the cast sign all kinds of waivers and disclaimers but what if something more serious happened between the two of them? How cuplable would BMP be?