Real World Cancun House

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here ya go guys. [url=][img][/img][/url]
Ok, so far i'm liking the house...but I'm not sure if I like the red and green and orange and light blue paint there...Thanks dream! :)
What room is this? It looks like the living room.
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[quote=dream03;84329]here ya go guys. [/quote] Eh...? :unknw: But thanks as always Dream!
[QUOTE=OtherPplsDrama;84354]Eh...? :unknw: But thanks as always Dream![/QUOTE] Oh I'm sorry I mean Hey Ya Go EVERYONE lol.
[QUOTE=dream03;84329]here ya go guys. [/QUOTE] Thats a beautiful living room. The lights are nice. Thanks Dream!
I have to say the house looks good on HD!! I loved living there!! Pink room rules!!!
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Did anyone notice they put the house pictures up on the website? They show the before and after pictures. It's pretty neat. I would hate those showers!
holy ****. Real World Las Vegas Suite: 2,900 square feet. ........... Real World Cancun Suite: 9,757 square feet. That is ridiculously HUGE for a hotel room to rent. The DC house is probably half that (the actual living space for the cast) [URL=""][URL][/URL][/URL]
WTF? I had no idea Cancun's is bigger.
Jim Johnston posted the following info on the Dailies website under the Producer's Blog: [QUOTE]A total of fifteen hotel rooms were converted into what became “Suite ME”, eleven rooms on the second floor, and four rooms on the third floor. It’s a two story suite complete with four bedrooms, a kitchen, an office, a hot tub, a jellyfish tank, a confessional, and three outdoor terraces with breathtaking views of the beach and ocean. [FONT=Arial] I think The Real World Cancun “Suite ME” is without a doubt the most fabulous fantasy house we’ve ever built.[/QUOTE] That to me is absoluetly insane!!![/FONT]
That is freaking huge! I did not expect it to be that big. Wow.