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Another great hockey game. To Chicago we go with the series tied.
[QUOTE=Dandelion;88157]Very true... I prob get so obsessed because I'm so desparate for anything Hockey all summer![/QUOTE] Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh Hawks!!!
Now the Bruins know how the Leafs felt :P
[QUOTE=202mitch;350458]Now the Bruins know how the Leafs felt :P[/QUOTE] No one can know how the Leafs felt. A shamed franchise that was one and done in its only playoff appearance in the last nine years, 46 years removed from a Cup. It's tough to commiserate with such abject failure. :fox:
Bruins were so close to being the first out in these playoffs... but they got some luck and shut out a surprising Leaf comeback (nobody expected a Game 7 from the leafs haha not even myself (a Torontonian :P))... after that they sailed to the finals... which makes me think Toronto had a good chance of doing the same! And of course karma came around in the end and with one minute left, the Bruins f'd everything up haha They are a great team I'll give them that, but Leafs are definitely making a good comeback after, as you said, MANY years of disappointment lol ... We have a good chance next year! I feel it!! :)
[url=]Chicago Blackhawks tip caps to Bruins, city of Boston[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2253[/ATTACH]
[url=]Bruins Zdeno Chara Laughs At Brendan Smith's Attempt To Fight Him[/url]


BOOOOO CHICAGO.... meh congrats, can't say they didn't deserve it. Was awesome to see Kimmo raise the cup.

The better team won

Absolutely crushed as a Bruins fan right now. Holy shit. Holy ******* shit.


edit: And the draft made things even worse. Definitely the worst day in franchise history in my lifetime.... or fantime.