National Football League: 2010-11

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[QUOTE=MF41590;235422]The crazy thing about the Packers super bowl win is that it was without arguably the best TE in the league, without their lead running back, and also another 10 or so starters on IR. Besides Charles Woodson and Donald Driver, who is this team really going to lose in the next 5-6 years? I fear that this could be the start of a dynasty in GB.[/QUOTE] It seems like every time a team wins a super bowl everyone tries to make a case for it being the start of a dynasty. But in reality it just doesnt happen in todays nfl, it is hard to make the playoffs the next year let alone win back to back super bowls. You never know what could happen, major injuries, loosing players to free agency, etc.
[QUOTE=Lionsfan780;235510]It seems like every time a team wins a super bowl everyone tries to make a case for it being the start of a dynasty. [/QUOTE] Agreed. The thing with the NFL playoffs is any team can have a bad day and they are out, unlike say baseball were you play a series. That is why dynasties (like the 3 rings in 4 years with the Pats) are rare. This season, it just so happened that all the upper echelon teams had bad days and it played perfectly into a Green Bay victory in what was a [I]--not to be repeated any time soon--[/I] Cinderella event.
See, no one really cares (except states that don't have a football team).
These two need a divorce before someone gets killed... [url=]Wife of Miami Dolphins player charged with stabbing him[/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]
I would say I hope Marshall is ready for the 2011-2012 season, but who knows if we will even have football this year.
The Panthers should think about using their first pick on this kid. Heck, he even has a perfect football name! (Gunnar Legas.) [QUOTE]The gold standard for QB trick-shot compilations is Johnny McEntee or Alex Tanney. Granted, Gunnar Legas‘ video isn’t as polished, the tricks aren’t as difficult, or memorable, but for a kid just in the seventh grade, this trick-shot video is pretty impressive. It needs mentioning that I have a noodle arm, so if you’re a seventh grader that can throw a football 25 yards on a rope, I’d find that Herculean.[/QUOTE] [[URL=""]via[/URL]]
I know the draft was last week, but what did everyone think of the picks that were made? I'm not fond of Cam Newton, so seeing him first made me mad. The only thing that cheers me up is the possibility of him choking.
I heard football is going to start real late this year due to the lockout that's going on right now.