London: Olympics - 2012 (Live/Spoilers)

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Good first half from the US, but that was a clear hand ball and should have been a PK for Japan.
I'm happy now. May/Walsh won their gold and the USWNT won theirs. I can continue with my life now =P
Of course I am pulling for Team USA Basketball, but that doesn't mean I have to like Lebron's cheap lean in "please give me a foul as I don't want to shoot the ball" move. It's so obvious and such bad acting, it makes me cringe. He needs acting lessons. Maybe he can hang out with the soccer players during closing ceremonies and pick up some pointers p.s. Spain up by 1.
Basketball gold!
Team USA was too good in crunch time, especially Chris Paul and LeBron (Durant was killing it until Spain ran a Box and 1). Pau Gasol was also really good. Marc Gasol being in foul trouble also hurt Spain a ton.
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So happy USA won another Gold! We're leaving these Olympics with most medals, and most Gold medals, beating China!! Thank God!!