Are You The One? Season 9 - Paramount +

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Are You The One? Season 9 - Paramount +

Filming Dates: July - August 2022

Location: Gran Canaria, Spain

“Are You the One?” is headed to Paramount Plus. The MTV Entertainment Studios reality show, which aired eight seasons on MTV, is officially making the move with a new global edition, set to begin casting in the spring and start production in the summer.

For the dating competition, 22 recently single men and women from around the globe will be put through an “extensive matchmaking process” to find their perfect match. These singles will then live together under one roof at an international location with a shared goal of finding “The One.”

Host: Kamie Crawford 


Anissa Kristine

Brooke Rachman

Ciara Cortez

Courtney Rowe 

Danielle Bonaparte

Dew Anderson

Jordanne Devoe 

Julia Ruth Smith

Mijntje Lupgens

Roz Odujebe

Tay Kellz

Aquel "AK" 

Brendan Mosca

Clayton Carey 

Eduardo Dickson  

Hamad Hasoon 

Leo Svete 


Nathan Lavish 

Ollie Anderson 

Will Gagnon 

Danielle and Jordanne <3

Missing a guy

Who the hell is Katie Crawford?! 

I like AYTO. Glad it's back.  

i noticed this is in the same place as EOTB5. i wonder if they'll use the same house

Who the hell is Katie Crawford?! 

Idk but she looks pretty.

Not sure about this cast but Queen Kamie!! Smile

Who the hell is Katie Crawford?! 

host of Catfish she's a good choice

I screamed@!! We were just talking about this elsewhere 

Who the hell is Katie Crawford?! 

The baddest *****

Is it me or Dew looks like vh1 Bubbles lol

Dead at my girl pinky misspelling her name

Roz giving me Jessica Alba, Honey, Don't Go chasing waterfalls, vibes 

Let's hope they don't wait a year to air this like they did with Eotb 

Some of them are in their 30s

the guys are okay but I'm here for the chocolate girls !! and hopefully it isn't corny as this time now that they're on streaming 

Some of them are in their 30s

and balding 

the cast does look older than a normal cast but older people are more suitable for this type of show anyways cause they're careless and actually lived a little bit so they know what they want + they'll feel like they have nothing to lose since they're at that age of feeling like they're undatable 

Some of them are in their 30s

whatever happened to 21-27 for these dating shows yikes

Pretty confident she is involved too, she is a dating expert

Dead at my girl pinky misspelling her name

Yea that's what I was in about, cause I def know who Kamie Crawford is lol. But Katie?! Lord LOL.

Oh when I clicked on her page I thought she was Violetta 

Roz finna bring it , it ain't been a Nigerian on tv that ain't brought it. Tacha, Esther, Valentina (BGC), and everybody on BBNaija be going at it. I have high hopes for her.  

I think this cast is super hot, I've always liked this show 

I like the fact that the cast is a little older. Makes the illusion of finding love more realistic since more people wait these days until 30+ to get married/have kids and such. Also (in my opinion), people are hotter in their 30s than 20s tbh.