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I've been a die hard bananas fan since key west. Guy is an animal and the only one I respect from the season. He's the only person who did anything for the fantasy fest float while the other housemates reveled in the fact that they were on television. Svets had a BF who was not good enough for her (looks wise). Tyler was a drama starter, Zack I felt sometimes was part of the walls because he was so boring, the same could be said for JD. Paula was okbut she wallowed in self pity when she could actually be a bully as well, and the others are not important enough to remember....Jenelle yeah she was ok-ish. Here is why bananas is the best: Most individual wins and most total victories. The guy is an absolute beast for his height. Strength, politics and brains. His Achilles heel, obviously puzzles and trivia however he never seems to be the absolute worst at either of those. Best well rounded challenger, took out CT not once but twice. Beat him in the finals once and lost because a pairing like CT and Wes is clearly unfair. Its like putting CT and Darrell or CT and Bananas or Darrell and Bananas together, totally set up for victory when everyone knew Frank doesn't stack up to even 1/3 of either CT or Wes and yet Bananas still got the kid 2nd place. Impressive to say the least and I'd be more than happy to debate (more like explain because there's no debate the proof is in the pudding, black and white on paper it literally says he is the best lol.) about it. I realize this is a biography. I like dogs and other things too. I enjoy food and inhaling oxygen then exhaling carbon dioxide. Sometimes I leave my house, sometimes I do not. I've been told I must be fun at parties, I've never been to a party. K bye.

Watching the Challenge,futily trying to get on the challenge, talking to others about the challenge(even if they don't care about the challenge, I don't care that they don't care about the challenge because I care about the challenge),long walks on beach
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