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DA-your turn 


Tyler is your number 7015?

Tyler is your number 7015?

Incorrect. Tyler's turn.

Tyler is your number 7015?

yes and is your number 2592 ?

Debut Album wrote:

Tyler is your number 7015?

yes and is your number 2592 ?


Sorry DA. Such a great battle. That was one of my favorite elim's ever. This ends your time here on The Nexus. Take Care, I truly hope to see you in the future.


DA ;/

FR tho. That was my fave elim ever.

nice job tyler lmao.

good try DA

Next Challenge is Thirsday at 8pm EST. Please go back to The House Thread for now.

i swear bitch

if you have me doing numbers or puzzles, ill end u!

i swear bitchif you have me doing numbers or puzzles, ill end u!

*shrugs so hard*

See Ya Guys.

Tyler, HB. Kick ass please.

*Walks Off*

Congrats Tyler!!! Valiant fight DA! R.I.P.!

See Ya Guys.Tyler, HB. Kick ass please.*Walks Off*

Sad love you DA 



Aren't you happy I won ? master Sad

would we be able to move this to  8:30-9 otherwise idk if ill makw it

would we be able to move this to  8:30-9 otherwise idk if ill makw it

Rules will be posted shortly. 8:30 is the latest I can do.

i can make 8:30 i might be home before then

im ready whenever

Challenge #2

Push Over

Welcome to your second Challenge here on VQ1: The Nexus. Today, you will be playing Push Over. This Challenge is a throwback to RW/RR Challenge: The Duel. The name of the game is simple- push your opponent off the edge of the platform on the side of this boat. The game will be played in Heats of two. The winner of each heat will get to select the next two to face off. In the end, the winner of Heat 8 will be safe from today's Nexus, and select which of their competitors will join the loser of Heat 1 in The Nexus. Tyler- as the winner of the last Nexus, you get to choose the first Heat.

Here's How It Works

1. After the selections are made- the two picked will square off in Push Over.

2. When I say "GO!", the first of the two competitors to post "PUSH" will knock their opponent towards the edge of the platform, gaining one point.

3. First to two points will knock their opponent off of the platform, eliminating them from the Challenge. 

4. The Winner of the Heat will then have 3 minutes to select the next pair to face off. If they fail to select the next pair, then the loser of the Heat will pick (within 3 minutes). If both the winner and the loser fail to make time, I will go to random.org to select the next pair.

5. If you post before my "GO!", or if you post multiple times- your opponent will automatically win that round. 

6. The loser of Heat 1 will be our dead last loser. The Winner of Heat 8 will be our Challenge 2 Winner, and select the second person for The Nexus.

We will begin at 8:30. Tyler has selected the first Heat already. Heat 1 will be TheQueenMarks vs. Flyguy.

What are your questions?

Oh great... this will be a nightmare. 

Still Remaining:


1. TylerLovesTyler3

2. TheQueenMarks

3. Gamer73

4. Hardbitten

5. Flyguy

6. MalikOnFleek

7. Psy4Potato

8. Ryan373

9. Razor


Next Heat:

Heat 1: TheQueenMarks vs Flyguy

@8:30pm EST

Is 9 good or bad lol

Is 9 good or bad lol

Oh lmao! It makes no difference! I just copied and pasted from my other list instead of taking time to put it alphabetical. I'll update the list with who is still in vs who is eliminated after each Heat.

hi moms

ok tyler. shady as fuck honestly what did i do!!?!?!?!?!