Vevmo Games VI: In Deep Waters (Vote Off Thread)

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I don't have a lot to say, to be honest.  You all know mine and Boncat's capabilities and have witnessed them first-hand.  I'm pretty sure you guys can figure out who you want on your boat.  The outcome of this vote is going to be obvious which is why I have my bags with me here in nomination, lol.  I want to thank you Josh for giving me the opportunity to be casted in your game.

Confessional: I definitely had a good time in Vevmo. I had a lot of fun handling games again and even hosting my own game Mafia V Biggrin   I'm also glad that I made some close friends here as well in the new generation of vevmo(only about a handful tbh) but decided that I will definitely be retiring from here again after my short visit.  Looks like I don't have what it takes to win it all, lol. Oh how I miss the old days too. Thank you all for the experience everyone. Will see you all very soon, maybe, maybe not, lol.  Peace! *leaves confessional for the last time*

This is a quick post that I'll update tomorrow with the individual votes. But you guys were definitely pretty close to a clear consensus on who was leaving. That person was....



















thanks dude it was great having you. I wish you luck 

Oh wait nevermind, this is where I plead my case.

Hey guys, vote me out.

K thanks.

Another day, another plea.. LOL

Man, coming so close to victory twice sucks. sucks real bad. (btw take my penalty out of this recent faceoff and you're looking at who finished the comp in 8-9 mins)

I feel as though I proved myself this season with minimal talk and more action.
My plea stands where it did last time: please keep me around. I can help your boat win. 

respect to the others included in this faceoff. Stan, you're the homie and you've been rocking with me. I appreciate that.
Gucci was a person who I thought would be a straight up dick. Turns out he's the opposite lmao. He's the man and I hope he does well in his other game.


Hello. If you keep me then that's cool. No hard feelings regardless of the outcome. 

Alright guys welcome to your 6th vote off here on In Deep Waters. This will be the last vote of the season. 

Tonight you voted between 3 strong competitors. 

Boncat23 Vs GucciMane Vs Stan_ER

Im gonna make this one short and simple. Here's how the votes went down. 




Aladmaho - Stan


Fly guy - Stan 


Challengefan - Gucci


Cmj - Boncat


Rlk - Gucci


Honest Tea - Stan 


Tbone - Stan


Kollanekoer - Boncat


Timster - Gucci


Danish boy - Stan


So by a vote of 5-3-2

Stan_ER you have been eliminated from the game. 

Love ya Stan. <3