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Guys follow Lurkers rules!! No more posting ITT!!

But results aren't posted yet

KennyER wrote:

Guys follow Lurkers rules!! No more posting ITT!!

But results aren't posted yet

the thread is looking dirty :huffinpuffin:

The D in my name stands for dirty...not really. That sounds super creepy 

Lurker don't fuck with my emotions.

Results will be coming soon. Matter of fact, it's in my hands right now. But Lurker does deserve to share the results especially the first challenge since it's his game. 


"This is a dirty game. The dirtiest game yet."

Ok We're ready to receive our Tribal Immunity Idol. GeeLong=Win

You may NOT post in this thread again until the next Immunity Challenge.

Immunity Challenge #1 - Future Sight - RESULTS

One Immunity Challenge down, a quantum fuckton more to go!

You guys absolutely killed it this evening, getting all submissions in within 4 hours! Honestly... I'd have been more disappointed in you guys had you taken until Friday. This shit is one of the easiest challenges you'll have all season long.

On to the good shit!

The winning tribe, getting all of their submissions in within 2 hours: GEELONG!!!

Congratulations on first place, come get your Immunity Idol.

And don't forget your advantage, you'll definitely be wanting it come challenge time.

You may NOT open it until you arrive at the next Immunity Challenge.

Now for the hard part. While Geelong finished in 2 hours, it took the rest of you guys nearly 4. An incredibly close race, your times were separated by just under 7 minutes...


You will NOT be the first person voted out this game. Come get the Immunity Idol for your tribe!

BENDIGO wins Immunity!!

Unfortunately, this means Wangaratta that you guys are our losers this evening. It was a very valiant effort, and an even closer race. But I'll be seeing you guys at Tribal Council.

Grab your things and head back to camp.

Wooo hoooo YES Geelong  

Congrats Bendigo!! Clapping

Goodnight everyone


Everyone, we appreciate your efforts to keep this game moving but tribal council hasn't started so please do not submit your votes yet. 

Thank you. 

Everyone, we appreciate your efforts to keep this game moving but tribal council hasn't started so please do not submit your votes yet. 

Thank you. 

Thank you, Bon.

Yes, be patient. I had something come up, and I still need to post something else before the tribal thread goes live.

You may note vote yet unless you're absolutely not going to be available for TC. And seeing as a time for TC is still undecided, it's best to just hold on a bit.


I'll be updating the main post later with the image board, but Hidden Immunity Idols are LIVE.

The image is a 12x12 grid. 144 possible locations in total.

You PM the hosting team with 2 numbers every 16 hours in your guess as to where the idol may be located.

Clues will be rewarded in future Immunity Challenges.

In the spirit of Survevmo, it is best that you refrain from posting anywhere other than your tribe's thread and in here (when allowed to). 

Updates will be coming soon in regards to the bloodbath that just occured. Stay tuned and be #WarReady.

Just so everyone is clear, you can guess numbers for the idols without the board being present.

EDIT: Here is your board.

Just click it.

For those of you that have submitted guesses, we will be contacting you shortly.

With a heavy heart, it pains me to announce that challenge13 and PinkRose have chosen to withdraw from the competition.

Tribal Council has been canceled as a result.

The second Immunity Challenge will be posted this afternoon. Around 7PM EST. It's a team building and learning experience. Deadline. As in there's an actual deadline. Not the faux-deadline the previous Immunity Challenge ended up being.


it's live or deadline?

it's live or deadline?

Deadline. With live components.

The last 24 hours of this game have been wild. And there wasn't even a Tribal Council to blame! But the show must go on...

Bendigo and Geelong, I'll take back Immunity.

Immunity Challenge #2 - Numbered

For today's Immunity Challenge, each tribe will be journeying across the far reaches of Vevmo gathering screenshots of various posts. 

You'll be searching for posts that contain a number in the main body of text. Meaning anything in this area of a post does not count (nor do usernames):

The objective of this Immunity Challenge is to find posts containing numbers, screenshot them, and then place the posts in chronological order.

For example:



You must include the date of the post in the screenshot. Posts made after this challenge begins do not count.

Start from 1 and work your way up. 2. 3. 4. 5.....78. 79.

Each tribe will work together and collect as many posts as possible. The deadline is Sunday at 10PM EST. One player from each tribe must assemble all of the screenshots in order and assemble them in one giant post; that post must be made in this thread by 10:02PM EST that night. The Tribe with the most posts collected will win Immunity. The Tribe with the second highest number of posts will also be safe. We know what will happen with the losers (or perhaps not, if the last cycle was any indication of how things go in this game)...

1 post = 1 number. You may not reuse a post. If a post contains 2 or more numbers, you must decide which one it will used as.

The above post has a 9 and a 12. Use it as one or the other, but not both.

You may use screenshots of PMs, to a maximum of 5 posts, I want you to rely primarily on posts found throughout the forum. You may not duplicate numbers. You are, however, permitted to skip one number, and only one number. So let's say that your tribe has found posts for numbers 1-37, but can't seem to find a post containing 38. You may skip 38 and move onto 39. In your master post, you'll just replace that post with an image of Shania Twain.

Geelong, you guys won an advantage at the last Immunity Challenge. The advantage is that you'll be allowed to skip not one, but TWO numbers.

Wangaratta, you guys are down two players which immediately puts you at a disadvantage. To add a helping hand to your tribe and make post hunting a bit easier, I've brought in a replacement.

After an untimely exit from the Big Brother house, flyguy is back at it again.

I'm sure there's going to be a million questions about this Immunity Challenge, so fire away.

SurVevmos ready? GO!!

nvm found answer

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2. Yaaaayyy I'm most of the examples!

3. Gulp.

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Oh aiiight

posts from all forum count?

Any of the forums on Vevmo, yes. Challenge, Big Brother, Miscellaneous, etc.

confused on all levels

confused on all levels

Ask away babe.

If you can count, you're golden.



I need HT to do this challenge for me as well because there is no way...there is just no way...sigh

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my pussy is extra spicy today!

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