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Waterballooned Welcome, contestants, to your second Immunity Challenge. This will test your ability to work together as a team, and your ability to outwit your opponent. The tribe that is most able to outplay their opponents, and co-ordinate their actions, will be victorious. We will be having a water balloon fight. Each contestant has been given 5 water balloons. You must throw at least 1 balloon every round, though you can throw as many as you want. If you throw a balloon, it is gone for good. You will also drop a water balloon whenever you are hit by one. Anyone who is left without a water balloon is eliminated, and will sit out the remainder of the challenge. The last tribe left with members in the game will win Immunity. The winning tribe will also choose which of the losing tribes will be sent into tribal council. If you fail to throw at least 1 balloon in a round, you will drop all water balloons you are holding. Round one will begin at 6:30 pm est. Each round will last 15 mins. Send a private message with the name of the people you wish to target and how many balloons you are throwing. PM both SurVevmo AND LurkerNoMore please! Biggrin
Any questions?
Do we need a list of who is here or do we have to take out people that are inactive as well?
Do we need a list of who is here or do we have to take out people that are inactive as well?
Great question! The first round will be difficult with the inactives but once that round is over all inactives will have lost all balloons. So for now assume everyone in the tribe will be active. You will see who isn't after round 1.
So do we just message per round?
Yes! Round 1: 6:30-6:45 Round 2: 6:45-7:00 Round 3: 7:00-7:15 Etc All through private message After each round I will declare who's been eliminated.
You have 10 more minutes to submit a PM before round one is over. Inactives who miss the first round will lose all balloons!
Let me know if you would all be okay with extending the first round until 7?
I am extending round 1 until 7.
I am extending round 1 until 7.
You can just end my suffering if you want--haha
I'll post the results of round one asap I will only post who was hit and how many times. I will also post who is eliminated!
So I guess I'm out? 
Sorry fresh meat!! Give me a few mins to calculate and then I will start round 2!
Who threw balloons: Nevidcm CantKeepQuiet Justintime Lizzie v Thecloser Gucci Mane Hannamez8 Raskkii Netkpr21 Infamous Kvm1977 Badladjj Raymond21 Who was hit: Hannamez8- 1 Kvm1977- 2 Can'tkeepquiet- 2 Badladjj- 1 Raskkii- 1 Netkpr21- 1 Josh8793- 1 Justintime- 1 Gucci Mane- 4 Nevidcm- 1 **** The numbers next to your name equals the number of balloons you lose Who was eliminated: DScott FreshMeat Josh8793 CMJ Gucci Mane Challengefan134 Gamer73 Hardbitten Round 2 starts at 7:15 and will end at 7:30.
Lol, yall some hoes.
I thought we needed 5 hits to be eliminated?
If you have 4 hits you lose 4 balloons If I throw 1 balloon you lose 1 balloon. If you lose all 5 you are eliminated.
If you have 4 hits you lose 4 balloons If I throw 1 balloon you lose 1 balloon. If you lose all 5 you are eliminated.
Ok, gotcha!!
10 more minutes for round 2! Please submit your hits!
Lol, yall some hoes.
Haha--gotta say--I never though you'd lose and I'd survive.
Round 2 closed Calculating results.
Round 2 results: Who threw balloons: Lizzie V Raymond21 Hannamez8 Netkpr21 Justintime Badladjj Thecloser Raskkii CantKeepQuiet Nevidcm Kvm1977 Who was hit: KVM1977- 2 Nevidcm- 1 Justintime- 1 Infamous- 1 Raskkii-1 Hannamez8- 3 CantKeepQuiet- 1 Netkpr21- 2 Raymond21- 1 Badladjj- 2 Who was eliminated: Infamous Kvm1977 Hannamez8 Nevidcm CantKeepQuiet Netkpr21 Badladjj Justintime Round 3 begins now and ends at 8pm est.
Something's rotten in Denmark. LMAO
What happens with a tie--haha
Last standing are: Raskkii Raymond21 Lizzie V Thecloser
What happens with a tie--haha
In the event of a tie I'll think of a quick tie breaker mission with finalists. Hopefully there isn't one!
Never mind--you caught it
Whoops I missed that Raymond21 is still in the game!
Just a few more minutes Waiting on Lizzie!
Round 3 is closed! Calculating results now!!!