Summer of Slayage (BBVT2/SurVevmo3)- Viewer's Discussion Thread

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This competition is lit, endurance but all just shit talking instead. 

This competition is lit, endurance but all just shit talking instead. 

Yaaasssss hutny

Morris I fact checked everything you said, you didnt just lie to me once but several times. Im well aware that you were gunning for me so you can suck that bullshit right back up your arse.

Im not sure why everyone said Ryan and Camilinator are the 'big threats'. I might be biased here but they dont seem to be a threat to anyone. There are 2 other duos, which are easy af to figure out and unlike Ryan and Cam, they're being sneaky about it. If you want to get someone out just be honest about the reasoning rather than making some weak excuse of "they are threats".  

Did Ryan and Lurker not link up like they were supposed to? </333

This man really be thinking he's elite. 

The #InternationalLurkerAgency™ is coming for blood. Believe.

InternationalFan, you are on the jury and therefore still technically part of the game. Please refrain from posting in this thread!

The #InternationalLurkerAgency™ is coming for blood. Believe.


@Kloun Which thread do i post in then ? 

LurkerNoMore wrote:

The #InternationalLurkerAgency™ is coming for blood. Believe.

Yesssssss!!!@Kloun Which thread do i post in then ? 

Same rules apply as if you were still in the House.

Guyssss, so if anyone was wondering about V7; Josh has handed VG7 over to me. Those of you in the Discord chat already know I said I was going to do an Inferno and have people shown interest. For those of you not on there and interested, send me a PM. With Survevmo and BB halfway through, I'm going to see who is interested so I can start putting an appropiate cast/theme/format together. The Inferno is gonna be L I T. So don't miss out and PM me for a revamped season of Vevmo Games. Wink


Shut up.

Shut up.


Mr. Hauserman wrote:

Shut up.


not here for this bullying today sis

Klounsnax2.0 wrote:

Mr. Hauserman wrote:Shut up.


not here for this bullying today sis


ZzzZzZzzz at the nominees. Y'all are literally one giant mutual jerk off session. Miss me with that shit.

$100 on DAF and Alad. 



This bitch... dont come for Alad like that smh. 

I saw the pre-edit. You could've left it. Wink


lol people just be going back on they word like that?? wild lol. talm bout "you not trusting me to go up on the block as a pawn made me feel uneasy" umm obviously you fucking dork?? you have no influence in this house and you have no control over how these folks in this house r gonna vote. why the fuck would i feel safe being on the block at all u asswipe?? but congrats you just showed ur colors. ur word don't mean shit in this game and if i'm gone this week then trust that those three votes gone come back to send ur real dumb ass packing. imma fight my ass off in that veto and best fucking believe i'll be here at the end of the week and i will be HoH next week & u will definitely be going home. you made a bad bad move son.

Alad snapping on Morris >>>>



Morris needs to hop scotch out of this game. This bitch got some nerve 

So basically morris is saying he has control over the house & that since Alad pissed him off...Alad will go home? #Interesting.

I didnt know Morris was a sheep wrangler

Anyways im not nervous I know my twin got this.





As I hack up a lung LMFAOOOOO